Feeling Blessed… Thanks God…

Despite of my sickness and lots of cold at backstage overpack super dooper outstanding comedy and my super hit performance in our new play at tamaseel from Friday and Saturday….awesome shows … hats off to[…]

Happy Rainay Day…

Nahi karni humain m0habbat un log0n se… J0 hazar0 k dil jeet k b kisi ek ke nhi hote… AashQi Ka Kaam Aaj Kal Bohat Arooj Per Hai . . . . Sochta Hu’n ,[…]


دَرد یُوں بے حِساب لگتا ہے مُسکرانا عذاب لگتا ہے جِس میں اُڑتے تھے قہقہے اپنے اَب وہ ماحَول خواب لگتا ہے محسن نقوی

Theater is the only platform

Theater is the only platform which provide opportunity to the Artist to perform live in-front of his audience, which are better judge of Art itself. Thank you for Nadeem sab and Team Daily Sehar.